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Qtrace best phone locator

QTrace Device

Key Finder, Phone Finder, Wallet Locator, Lost item is over

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Content : QTrace smart bluetooth tracker device (battery installed) ; I user guide.
Size : 30*30*7 mm
Button : There is a button on QTrace device. You can press the button to call and find your phone.
Battery life : Upto 1 year standby for regular use, replaceable battery
Main Functions : Smart Anti-Loss: When QTrace device is out of the seperated from mobile app, your phone will beep to alarm you.
Bidirectional Alarm: When the phone is left behind and out of range, QTrace and your phone will both beep to alarm you.
One Touch Find: Call to your phone by pressing button
Location Record: QTrace App will show you the location where and when QTrace got disconnected on the map.
Item Find Community Network: When item gets lost, Don't be panic just find your ites with the QTrace community search, all the working QTrace Apps will scan the items around them automatically. When your item is found, you will be notified of the location where it has been found. All these steps will be executed automatically while your privacies are well protected.
Connection Distance : The connection distance between QTrace and your phone depends on the Bluetooth signal.
Compatible System : Android: Android version 4.0 and above which supports Bluetooth 4.0.
IOS: QTrace App for IOS Comming Soon!

Shipping and Warranty

Shipping: Orders are shipped within the next business day, and all orders includes tracking information. All orders are shipped with delivery signature required. You are responsible for all duties and custom taxes when picking up your QTrace(s).

All QTrace are shipped from India.

Warranty: 6 Month Manufacturing Warranty.


Each QTrace is packed individually. The QTrace box includes one QTrace, a key ring and instructions.


Android: Android 4.4 or newer, Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, Note 3, Note 4, Note 7, HTC One, One (m8), Nexus 4, 5, 6, Motorola Moto X

IOS: QTrace App for IOS Comming Soon!

Easy, Flexible, and Reliable


Provides easy-to-use SDK
along with sample projects.


All OS supported,
and both iBeacon/Eddystone supported,


Advanced HW, Frimware, SDK
ensure reliable beacon services.