Home Blog What would I do if I can’t find my car after parking it?

Five comments to “What would I do if I can’t find my car after parking it?”

  1. sally says:

    Tie some coloured ribbons to the aerial of the car, can’t miss it then.

  2. Valerie Sykes says:

    I haven’t ever forgotten my car but I did have a scooter a few years ago & forgot all about it. I had parked it in town, did what I had to do then caught the bus home. After a while I realized what I’d done so had to get a bus back into town to get the scooter

  3. steve says:

    I had just forgotten where I have parked my car. A few years ago I drove to town, about 2 miles, parked the car and did some shopping, I went home with the shopping later, then realized I had forgotten my car in the parking and walked home carrying the bags of shopping.

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