Best key Finder Tracker, Phone, Wallet
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QTrace Bluetooth key finder.

Attached QTrace with Keys

With QTrace find misplaced keys in your phone. Just press
the button in mobile and wait for the ring, with QTrace app youcan locate your
keys in seconds.

The fastest way to find your Lost Things.

mobile phone tracker
  • Attach to any item.

    Designed with a convenient hole, easily hook onto keys or stick to anything.

  • Connect it. Ring it. Find it.

    See the last location you had it on a map andmake it ring when you get close.

  • Let QTrace find your phone.

    Press button on QTrace to make your phonering. Also if it’s on silent.

  • See what’s the last location

    Check the map for the last location you had it.

The fastest way to find your Lost Things.

QTrace is a perfect app for you. Attach it on anything you often misplace or lose and connect it with QTrace mobile App on your phone. Press the button in phone and wait for ring your things from your phone. Also ring your misplaced phone by clicking QTrace device button, even if it is on silent mode.