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Find Your Lost Phone Quickly

Using QTrace along with our App will help you.

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Find it near

How many times have you been late because you can't find your phone? Now, just double press your QTrace. If your lost phone is within the 90-feet Bluetooth range, it will loudly ring - even if it's set on silent.

Find it far

If your phone is not within 90-feet Bluetooth range, finding it is still easy. Log in to our web app to see its last known location, to making it ring or to send a lock-screen message to the friendly people who might find it.

Find each other.

Our free app turns any phone or tablet into a virtual QTrace! Simply download the app on all of your devices—and use the app on one to find the other. It's cross-platform, so no need to choose favorites: An Android phone can ring your lost iPad.

Your phone can run, but it can't hide.

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The fastest way to find your Lost Things.

mobile phone tracker
  • Attach to any item.

    Designed with a convenient hole, easily hook onto keys or stick to anything.

  • Connect it. Ring it. Find it.

    See the last location you had it on a map andmake it ring when you get close.

  • Let QTrace find phone.

    Press button on QTrace to make your phonering. Also if it’s on silent.

  • See what’s the last location

    Check the map for the last location you had it.